The Bulk Bag Experts

At National Bulk Bag, we stock one of the largest FIBC bulk bag inventories in the U.S. With 75+ different types of in-stock bags, ready for same-day shipment, our team of experts are ready to help with all of your FIBC needs. Our experts know that every customer and application is unique and will work with you to determine whether one of our 75+ in-stock bulk bags or a custom manufactured bag is best for your specific needs.

Our FIBC specialists have over 20 years of industry experience and offer the highest level of customer service in the industry. Their focus is on making your buying experience easy, informative, and enjoyable. Above all, our goal is to supply you with a high-quality FIBC that meets your needs and is the best possible value for your investment. We strive to build long lasting relationships with all of our customers through the lifetime of their FIBC bulk bag needs.

We travel the globe to source our FIBCs from the world’s premier manufacturers. We thoroughly vet each plant to ensure rigorous testing and quality standards are upheld to insure we deliver a premium product at the best value to our customers. With warehouses located coast-to-coast, we are able and ready to store and ship your custom bulk bag solution as needed from a location near you. Whether you purchase once a year or place blanket orders, we at National Bulk Bag have the resource to be your professional and reliable supplier throughout the lifetime of your bulk bag buying needs.

Our Rich History

In 2013, Rapid Packaging acquired National Bulk Bag and its parent company Berg Bag to further expand its offerings as one of the country’s leading importers and suppliers of FIBC bulk bags. For over 70 years Berg Bag Company, along with its subsidiary National Bulk Bag, have been an industry-leading importer and distributor of bulk packaging for a wide variety of industries including agriculture, food, construction, retail and transportation. Together, this acquisition has helped both Rapid Packaging and National Bulk Bag become better importers and build relationships with the world’s premier suppliers, and in turn, becoming more cost-effective and efficient for our customers.

As we continue to build for the future, it’s important that our customers not only see the size and diversity of our product lines, but continue to receive a personal one-on-one experience with our experts guiding them through the purchasing process.

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