V-Board Stock, Product Options and Availability

National Bulk Bag keeps an in-stock inventory of V-board in a variety of color options, lengths, and thickness dimensions.

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    2.5″ X 2.5″ (V-board dimensions), 48″ length – White
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    2″ x 2″ (V-board dimensions), 36″ length – White
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    2″ x 2″ (V-board dimensions), 36″ length – Kraft color
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    2″ x 2″ (V-board dimensions), 48″ length – Kraft color

Uses and Advantages of V-Board

They can be purchased in various thicknesses and lengths to custom match your bulk packaging. They are also commonly used to stabilize roll stock. They are extremely useful in providing additional structural support for stacking during storage and/or transportation which is useful for saving warehouse space and/or freight space during shipping.

New Ag List Image - National Bulk Bag

Produce Bag Stock, Product Options, and Availability

To see National Bulk Bag’s full offering of in-stock agricultural produce bags, check out our in-stock list by clicking the link below. You’ll get access to all the items we currently have in our warehouse as well as detailed product information.

Produce Bags and Packaging

National Bulk Bag keeps a large inventory of in-stock options to fulfill your stock needs in a pinch. We know that supply concerns are among the top pain-points for our end users and are working tirelessly to keep inventory levels up. On top of that, we have fantastic relationships with our manufacturing partners and can specifically design a custom bag for your product and/or application. Global supply chains have been greatly strained by the pandemic, so ask us about lead times.

Full Spectrum Agriculture Supplier

National Bulk Bag isn’t just a FIBC supplier, we carry a full spectrum of agriculture produce bags. We can be your one stop shop from the farm and/or production facility to the consumer store.

Produce Bag Experts

Our staff has been serving this industry for many years and is extremely knowledgeable across the entire produce bag spectrum. We don’t just sell these bags – we visit our customers facilities, look for solutions, and apply our knowledge in the products we distribute. We will work with you and your team to find the right bag for your product and application.