In-Stock FIBC Bulk Bags

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75+ different types of FIBC bulk bags in-stock

With 75+ types of Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers in-stock, we are prepared to meet your immediate needs. If we don’t have the exact FIBC that you need in stock, we’ll have something that is close to tie you over until we can manufacture a bag that meets your exact specifications. Many of our customers are introduced to us through our extensive offering of stock bags, and then transition to a custom bag which we manufacture.

With warehouses in California, Oregon, Minnesota, New Jersey, and North Carolina, our bags are ready for same-day shipment. Browse our in-stock FIBCs by clicking on the images below, or you can download our in-stock list in PDF form by clicking the “Download In-Stock Bag List” button on this page .

Download our in-stock list

FIBC in-stock bulk bag list, National Bulk Bag

We stock one of the largest FIBC bulk bag inventories in the United States. We carry a wide variety of sizes and specifications which are available for same day shipment. If we don’t have what you need in stock, contact one of our FIBC experts about designing and manufacturing a custom bag to fit your needs.

Click below to download our in-stock FIBC list – available for same day shipping!


Download our Product Weight Guide & FIBC Volume Calculator

To make sure the product you’re packing will not exceed the safe working load of the bulk bag you’re interested in, you’ll need to know the bulk density of the product you’re packing as well as the cubic foot capacity of the FIBC.

Download our Product Weight guide and Bulk Bag Volume Calculator and gain access to:

  • Product weight of 800+ common materials packed in FIBCs
  • Easy to use FIBC Volume Calculator to help you determine how much volume a specific FIBC will hold (in cubic feet)
  • Calculate the total weight of your product in the FIBC you selected in (in lbs.)

Click the button below to download the guide and calculator.

safe working load

Bulk bags come in a variety of types and constructions. Construction options include top and bottom openings, dimensions, cubic foot capacity, safe working load (SWL is the weight that a bag is rated and tested to hold safely), coatings, and special characteristics to hold certain materials such as food grade products. Let our experts help guide you to find the right bag for your application.

brc food certified

Bulk bags are a safe and clean option to hold and store a variety of materials from agricultural and food processing industries to construction and landscaping. The resin used in our bulk bags is 100% virgin polypropylene which meet FDA food grade requirements. We offer several BRC and AIB certified bulk bags options for the most demanding food grade environments.

Reuse and Recycle Guidelines for FIBC Bulk Bags

Woven polypropylene FIBC bulk bags are both durable and economical. The tightly woven polypropylene strips create a light, yet extremely strong and tear resistant material. Bulk bags are made from 100% polypropylene which can be recycled by the truck load and are also reusable under certain conditions. It is recommended that only bags with a 6:1 safety factor be reused.