The Different Types of Baler Bags

For decades, the agricultural space has made use of baler bags for a wide range of applications. Over the years, baler bags have undergone significant transformation in order to meet the changing needs of those agricultural users. Baler bags are no longer the simple cloth bags they started as. Instead, baler bags are available in many different materials, with many different types of construction.

3 Important Features to Look for When Using Bulk Bags for Industrial Hemp

We’ve covered why flexible intermediate bulk containers are a great fit for the industry and which specific bags are a good fit for use. However, we haven’t talked much about the specific features that make certain FIBCs a better fit and why. If you’re in these industries, this post is for you. It is our hope that we can help guide you in your purchasing decision.

What FIBCs/Bulk Bags are Best for Use in the Cannabis and Hemp Industry?

If you’ve been following our blog recently, you know we’ve been discussing the growing business of industrial hemp and cannabis and how flexible intermediate bulk containers are a great fit for the various products and applications within. However, we haven’t really dived into what types of FIBCs buyers in those industries should be looking to purchase.

Why Use FIBCs for Industrial Hemp?

At National Bulk Bag, we pride ourselves in noticing trends in the industry. We also take pride in making sure we take notes on these trends and talk about them with our current and potential customers. That brings us to the latest trend we are seeing: the growing use of flexible intermediate bulk containers in the hemp industry. Let’s discuss.

Hazardous Materials and UN FIBCs

Bulk bags are being used in more situations than ever before. Construction, food, pharmaceutical, and many more industries are continually finding more uses for them in an exciting trend for bulk bag suppliers. However, certain industries and applications require bags that meet very stringent specifications in order to handle the materials contained in the bag.

Safe FIBC Handling Guidelines – Cranes, Hoists, & Forklifts

It is crucial that you take great care when handling FIBCs. Full bags are extremely heavy (some weighing up to 5,000 lbs.) and when not handled with extreme care, the result can be an unsafe work environment. In this post we cover safe use guidelines for lifting bulk bags with cranes, hoists, and forklifts.